Friday, October 25, 2013

Inlaid flooring ideas.

A few years ago I had some cherry flooring left over from a job, and I racked my brain trying to find a good use for it. The problem was that there wasn't enough cherry to do a complete floor in one of the rooms in our house.
Linda (my wife) and I had wanted to tile our entire house (the downstairs, anyway) ever since we first visited my parents' house in Beaufort, SC, where they had tiled their entire house. So when I told the guys they were going to set tile in my house, in the kitchen and Florida room, the inspiration hit me--do an inlay--a small section of wood flooring within the tile. I didn't bother telling Linda about it, because she might veto the idea. It's lucky for me that she really did like the inlays, otherwise I'd be sleeping in the garage.
So, here are some photos of the job--please excuse my mess--as I like to tell people, "Linda and I aren't passionate house-cleaners. Our house is lived in."
But have a look at the photos. Isn't this a neat idea?

Here's the job at the point where the tile was set and we were getting ready to install the cherry flooring in the Florida room.

This is a shot from the kitchen, before the kitchen was tiled, showing the Florida room.

This is the finished job in the kitchen. The cherry covers an area 2' 3" by 4' 6" in the kitchen, and 4' 6" by 7' 10" in the Florida room. I plan to carry the motif throughout the house as we tile the various rooms.

The next few photos show the finished Florida room. Isn't this a great idea? I love these floors.

So . . . if you want an unusual, yet beautiful floor, give us a call. Wesley and Kirk did most of the work, and they'd love to do one for you, too.