Sunday, November 24, 2013

B.J.'s Back!

When the great Recession of 2008 hit us, we had to give up one of the greatest resources we had--BJ Teal. BJ was our designer, architect, and good-will salesperson, all rolled into one. BJ was so good, so well-known, she didn't even apply for a new job as our work came to a standstill. The city of Tupelo, Mississippi, needed a City Planner, and out of the blue they called BJ. The rest is history. I'm sure that BJ brought more common sense and great ideas to Tupelo than even their own Elvis Presley ever did. In fact, the rumor is . . . BJ not only ran into Elvis--she talked with him! When people say that "Elvis has left the building," they're talking about the time BJ told the singer that his studio building wasn't up to code, and he'd better fix it or get out of town. Yep. Elvis left. He hasn't been seen since!

Now, can you picture our favorite decorator as she faced the great Elvis?

Yes--I'm sure she dressed up for the meeting with Elvis, magic wand and all. BJ loves to dress up.

And then, there's me. Here I am standing next to BJ, wearing my uniform of shorts and un-tucked shirt. I'm surprised BJ allowed someone to take her picture next to me. Even with her shirt un-tucked, BJ looks more dressed up than I do.

And here's BJ with her husband, Bill. Bill, as you can see, dresses up, too. He wears a hat. Yep. You can tell Bill's from around here, because when he dresses to the hilt, he's got a hat on his head. Maybe I should wear a hat. Hmm.

If it seems as if BJ's looking right at you, she is. "Look 'em in the eyes" is her motto. 

This is the last of BJ's photos when she was working with us in 2008. Next . . .

I swear, she hasn't changed a bit in five years. Within less than a week after moving all their furniture down here from Tupelo, BJ was out running around with me, looking at jobs. Here, she's standing in the middle of a pink bathroom. It'll be interesting to see this same bathroom when BJ's finished with it.

Now BJ's working on the bedroom. Yep--the job started out as only a three-bathroom job, but BJ's turning it into a whole-house remodel. Once she gets inside, she just won't stop.

"Why don't we just remodel the entire inside of the house," BJ is saying. "We can fix up the outside, too. And, of course, we must work on the landscaping."

As the customer shows BJ another bathroom, BJ is telling her that "this will be a wonderful bathroom to remodel. I have hundreds of ideas we can use in here." Yep. I'm sure she does. 

And, finally, BJ wanders into the last bedroom, still making me take measurements, adding closets here and closets there, and crown molding almost  everywhere. Whew! 
BJ--we're glad you're back!

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