Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.

A type of job we're doing more and more these days, is that of "making old mirrors look new." I'm sure that if your home is twenty-years old, or more, you've got mirrors that are looking their age, especially around the outside edges.
When mirrors age, they tend to lose silvering around the outside edge, and they can look awful.There are several fixes for this problem. One, you can replace the mirror. Two, you can install faceted glass around the outside of the mirror. Or, three, you can have trim run around the outside of the mirror.
I like the look of faceted glass, but many people want something more elegant. For these people we can trim the outside of the mirror, and once it's put up and painted--a nice-looking trim will give your mirrors "WOW!" appeal.

Here are some pictures of a mirror job we accomplished recently.





I get a little dizzy looking at these pictures because the reflections of the mirrors in the mirrors make it difficult to tell what I'm looking at.

 Here are some photos of Wes as he gets ready to install trim around some mirrors.
 It's much easier to nail the trim together, and then hang it.

There's Wesley, installing the trim. Looks great, doesn't it?

 The mirror trim is up and now the men are patching the walls a final time before the final coat of paint.

 These were all taken before the final coat of paint, on the walls and the trim. The job isn't finished yet, and I'll come back and add the "final" shots when it is.
Just before the final application of paint. 

I think that these photos show how much nicer, how much more elegant mirrors look after they're trimmed out.
So if you have any old mirrors that are losing their "Wow!" factor--give us a call. In fact, why not let us give your entire bathroom a "WOW!" makeover? Just call Earl at 365-5333. Or e-mail me at
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  1. Hello, Earl,

    The lights over the mirror are exactly the same as the ones you installed in our bathroom two years ago, and old globe lights are just like what we used to have in "the back bathroom."

    So, these photos threw me off a bit.

    Glad that you're blogging again!