Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am now, officially, a blogger. I just posted my first blog in 500 Opinions, one of three blogs I'm going to try. This blog--Fisher Remodelers--is work-related, obviously. It's basically for my customers, but I plan to add little tidbits along the way for anyone who might be interested, on design, gardening, remodeling hints, etc. Yes! If you follow my directions, you can make your home as tacky as mine! All you have to do is pay attention. Ha-ha. I don't, of course, consider my home tacky, but I have the feeling many do. I consider it useful, or lived in. Take, for instance, all the bookshelves. There's at least one in every room--even the bathroom. I mean, after all, I majored in English Lit in college, and I've published two books, and my wife, Linda, has published two books--books are important to us, our focal point in life. Therefore, my house has tons of bookshelves. In fact, when I go inside other peoples' homes, if I don't see a bookshelf, if I don't look around and see any books or magazines, I consider the inhabitants to be deprived.
    I'm not, by the way, going to show you how to make or build bookshelves. My cabinet man, Doug Crouse, at Grady Alford Cabinets, is the man for that. I wish I could afford to have him build all my bookshelves, in fact. Some of mine are, um, rather tacky.
    Okay. Time to quit rambling in my thoughts and give you something practical. I'll start with something simple, something I've shared many times in my company newsletters, and in person--caulking. Yep--ya gotta caulk, folks. Over and over. Especially, around the front door, between the brick molding and the bricks. For those of you not from our area, we live in Alabama--Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, to be specific. We're fortunate to have nearby brick manufactures, making brick an inexpensive material for the exterior of our homes. When I first arrived in this area, thirty-some years ago, I was astounded at all the brick homes. I didn't like them, as a matter of fact. There were too many. Almost all of the homes were brick. They all looked alike, to me. Well, after living in this damp, humid, rainy climate all this time, there's only one exterior I'd choose for myself--brick. My home is brick. How many times have I had to repair, re-finish, or do anything to the brick exterior of my home in twenty-five years? None. Now that I'm no longer a young idiot, I love brick. But . . . ya gotta caulk it. You must caulk it where other products, such as doors or windows, meet with it.
    More in the next posting.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Great 1st post!
    One quick question...My home has more bookshelves than the average house, but their filled with random pieces of Art (wife says art is more interesting to look at than books). Cabinets are filled with books. Are we a deprived household?

  2. Hey, Anthony! No! You are not deprived. Displaying your art is a great way to stuff bookcases. But let me give you (and your wife) an idea. My son--Herb Williams--is a sculptor and manager of an art gallery in Nashville, and even though he has tons of art throughout his home, much of it in his bookcases, he has books in the bookcases, too. But Herb displays his books by color. I'm not kidding. Herb has groups of red books, blue books, orange books--you name it--and they're all put side by side with a book whose cover is the same color. Now, I arrange my books strangely, too, by category--mystery, sci-fi, self-help, etc., and by "best" and "second best" and author if I have five or more by the same person, and I'm not sure I could ever locate a book if I bookcased it by color. It works for Herb, though. I think you and your wife should try it. Go slowly at first. Pick one color--one the same as an art piece it'll be next to. Say, purple! Then find all the books you have with purple covers and place them in the bookcase next to the same-colored art. This is the best of both worlds. You'll have the art your wife wants others to see, and the purple books on brain surgery, law, and accounting that you want your friends to think you are reading. Try it and let me know mthe results. Best, Earl.