Saturday, August 24, 2013

Prattville Decks.

    In the last five weeks we've built two decks, both in Prattville. One was cedar and the other Trex. Both are gorgeous.
    No one locally carries much cedar any more, like Mason Lumber used to do, but we were fortunate that Buck Mason's grandson, Mason Kocher, carries a good bit of cedar at Kocher Lumber, in downtown Montgomery. They had to order some 2x12 cedar, but had plenty of 2x6s and 2x8s, and all were of top quality. This deck has a handrail, and is several feet off the ground. Here are some pictures of the cedar deck.

The owner is going to stain and seal the cedar himself, and after he does, I'll take another shot. It's best to let the boards weather before staining, but you have to admit, the deck looks good just as it is.

    Below are some pictures of the Trex deck. Trex comes prefinished, so when we left the job, it was done. The pictures take you from the beginning--the batter boards--to the joist system, and on to the end product--the fascia applied to the sides.

    Pretty good looking, aren't they? And both of them--the cedar and the Trex, should last a long, long time. They cost more than a pressure-treated deck, but they also look nicer. Think about using Trex or cedar for your next deck.

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