Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm back. Now, if I could only figure out how to bring the picture below me up, I'd be happy. I just wanted to show a couple of pictures of Wesley and Chris hard at work. Notice Chris's arms cradling his chin. I think he's inspecting Wesley's work for flaws. I hope so, anyway. This is a bathroom we did for Mrs. L., in Prattville. I feel better keeping her name semi-private. Where Wesley is crouching there was a garden tub under a window. We removed the tub and built a walk-in shower, then put glass block in the window. Mrs. L was worried people could see through the glass blocks until we made her test them by going outside at night. She tried to look inside and couldn't see a thing. The glass block are cemented in, too, so breaking through them would be more difficult than busting through any of the regular windows. We like using glass block. If you want me to get onto Chris for watching Wesley work, just give me the word. PS--we added three grab bars, but they didn't go up until later. We recommend grab bars everywhere. That's all for now. Earl.

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