Friday, September 13, 2013

A Few Photos of Family and Friends.

Everyone loves to look at photos. Seeing pictures of other human beings helps us identify with them, and makes it easier to become friends. Since I enjoy being friends with my customers, I've decided to post some pictures of my family and my two main workers--Wes and Chris--who I also consider my friends. Here we go!
My granddaughter, Lily, her friend,
Grace, and my wife, Linda. Three cuties.

My eldest son, Earl, Jr., and
his best friend and
traveling companion.

My grandson, Cason, on
Lake Murray with my sister,
Doc Beth, in background. Beth's an
internist in Lexington, SC. 

Wesley, grouting a shower
 wall. It looks like hard
work, doesn't it? 

Linda and I congratulating
our friend and soon-to-be MD,
 Valerie Gribben, on the
publication of her second 

A life-size (honest--it's over
six feet tall) statue of
Johnny Cash, made of crayons
by my stepson, Herb.
See more of his work

Wonder Woman! B. J. Teal,
our very own architect-designer.
 Her husband, Bill, looks on in

Here I am with some of my
third-grade Reading Buddies
from Prattville Elementary.  

My son-in-law, Jeremy,
holding Lily. Jeremy teaches at
The U. of South Florida.

My granddaughter, Lily. If you
call her Lily-Pooh, she'll get mad
and stomp around.

My youngest son, Jack. He manages
a tech company in Birmingham.

My step-son, Herb, with
 grandchildren, Maggie and Clay.
Herb is a sculptor and manages
an art gallery in Nashville.

A Stapelia gigantia. I enjoy
raising unusual plants.
The Stapelia blooms are beautiful,
 but they smell rancid,
and attract flies. 

My grandson, Henry. He may
look sweet, but I must warn
you--keep your eyes on Henry!

Herb's girlfriend, Campbell, with
Henry, in a game of tug-of-war.
I'm betting on Henry.

My grandson, Clay. As you
can see, they don't have
 barbers in Nashville.
Linda (in hat) with my
step-daughter, Jenny,
to her right. Jenny now has
four kids! Two are twins.
Poor, poor, Jenny. 

Wesley McLain. He didn't like
the way Chris checked
him out, and he tore it all
down so they could start over.
(Just kidding.)
Chris Brakefield, checking out
Wesley's work.

                                   Anthony Williams--our computer/
                                    website guru. Without his help, none
                                     of this would be here. Thanks, Anthony!
Without Wes and Chris, nothing would get done. Thanks, guys. 

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