Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exterior French doors.

Here are some photos of a recent job in Prattville, where we removed three windows and installed French doors. These doors were Atrium type doors, meaning that only one side is operable. These types of doors are better than standard French doors because they seal better at the threshold and between the doors. The customers can now host parties and easily move back and forth from the kitchen/dining area to a deck (which we also built). When the new mortar fades at the sides of the doors, where we filled in spaces left by the windows, the double doors will look as if they've always been there.

Wes and Chris examine the windows.
Wes and Chris make exterior measurements. 

Installing floor protection. 
The windows have been removed.

Adjusting the double doors.

The double doors are set in place.

The finished job. We love the bright colors, both inside and out, that the customers chose. 

The doors have been painted and we start on the deck. You can see the deck and the doors in a segment posted before this one. 
The doors are finished. This makes a nice breakfast space, doesn't it?

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