Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Handicapped ramps.

If you ever have need of a handicapped ramp--and we hope you don't--take a look at this one. It's built out of pressure-treated lumber, and we went back and painted it after it had weathered six months. I'll add an updated picture the next chance I get to grab one.

Wes, Kirk, and Chris--admiring their handiwork. We built the wooden steps
over the existing brick steps to keep the height and proportions correct.

                      The lattice adds a nice touch under the ramp, doesn't it?

Now, that's a ramp!

If you can see the shadows of the lone tree near the ramp--keep in mind--that was all the
shade we had. Whew! It was hot, too.

The shadows make it look crooked. It's not. It's as straight as it can be.

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  1. In a previous incarnation I was Assistant Director for the Minnesota State Council for the Handicapped. (1979-80.) Even now I automatically look around for HC access.

    The strangest thing we in that office heard of was a fully-outfitted HC bathroom in a restaurant . . . at the bottom of a flight of stairs!

    And there's a rest stop on a road cutting across Georgia on the way to Savannah. I forget the name of the town; it's near the Lane peach farm.

    It's a Chamber of Commerce building with public restrooms, brochure racks, etc. There's a concrete path from the parking lot to the building, designed for wheelchair access, but the doors themselves are up a few steps, rendering the paths useless!

    Everybody is "temporarily able-bodied." Sooner or later we'll all need ramps, grab bars, and suchlike.

    Thank you for installing grab bars and the no-sill shower in my home!