Sunday, September 1, 2013

A gorgeous bathroom--from start to finish.

Wes and Kirk after framing is done.

Wes working at drain.

Wes waterproofing.

Wes pouring concrete.

Notice the closet going in to the left of Kirk. 

Kirk testing seat height. These walls can't leak. We install a layer of 6 mil plastic, then tile backer board, sealed at all the joints. 

The floor tile is in; the wall tile begins.

Close-up of wall tile going up.

Another view of the wall tile going up.

Notice the shelves on the left. The wall tile is finished and the glass doors are in. The picture's a bit confusing because of the glass-door handles. It looks as if there are floating metal handles. There aren't. They're on the doors.

Another view of the finished shower. The shelves were left open. The floor is tiled with a tile resembling wood parquet. 

Another view of the finished shower.

Finished shower.

A view of finished shower from the master bedroom. Wesley, Kirk, and Chris did an outstanding job on this shower conversion, located in Prattville. 
    I don't have a shot of this job "before" we began wrecking it, but you can picture it--there was a shower on the left, where the shelves are located now, and there was a garden tub under the glass-block window. The customers did an excellent job choosing the tile, especially on the floor of the sitting area. The dark tile and grout will not show dirt or grime, making them easy to keep clean. Normally, I wouldn't pick a floor tile this dark, but the tiles shine like crazy, reflecting light, making them work well in this case.    
    If you look closely at the vanity in the top pictures, then glance at the last picture, you might notice that we filled in the vanity with more drawers where the knee space was located. You might consider doing this, too. Especially, if you don't sit at your vanity.
    I can't praise the guys enough. Wes, Kirk, and Chris built a bathroom worthy of any home, anywhere. The cost for this bathroom job was in the $8,000 range.
    And don't forget--in about two months, B.J. Teal will be back with us. After a sojourn in Tupelo, Mississippi, B.J. returns! For those of you who want a top-flight decorator to help you plan your bathroom or kitchen, B.J.'s the answer to your dreams.  More on B.J. later.
    But don't you agree? This is one nice bathroom!


  1. Agree! It's almost as good as the bathrooms you remodeled for us.

    And eagerly looking forward to the triumphal return of BJ Teal!

  2. Here's what will happen when BJ comes back--

  3. Well, Jay--a ticker-tape parade for B.J.? I'll have to think about that one. And, yes, your bathrooms were top-notch. However, we try to give each and every one of them, whether small or large, whether with marble counters (like yours) or not, the same attention to detail and craftsmanship. Thanks for the kind words, Jay. Best wishes, Earl.