Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Bathroom Remodel--Day-by-Day--Day 5.

A Bathroom Remodel--Day-by-Day
Day 5

    Today started out cold--27 degrees--but by two o'clock, it was wonderful. The sun was shining, and if you could find a place out of the breeze, it was a warm 64. Nice!
    The job went quite nicely today, too. Kirk and Steve installed the sloped mud bed. I tried to put my level on it, but they wouldn't let me. They were afraid I'd gouge their beautiful work, and they promised me it was sloped from all four corners to the drain. Kirk is supposed to come back tomorrow, Saturday, and apply the RedGard to seal the floor area in the shower, and I'll come by afterwards and put my level on it.
Here's Kirk mixing the cement.

Kirk works on the cement shower bed. The red walls indicate where Kirk and Steve applied the RedGard sealer.

    While they were waiting for the concrete to set up, Kirk and Steve applied RedGard to the walls, to seal them. 
    The sealer is supposed to sit and cure, so it'll be Monday before we can start putting down tile, and if everything else goes well, we should be back on schedule by Monday afternoon. Steve and Kirk aren't worried about it, insisting we'll be done Thursday. They seem to forget that at the last minute time seems to speed up, and there are always more things to do than you have time to do them. We'll see.

Is Steve working hard? Or, what?

    As far as other work goes--we're officially up to our ears in jobs. It's as if the flood gates have opened up. I finished my part of the drawing and the estimate for the hair salon, and now we're waiting on a price for the electrical portion. We're still working on the emergency sheetrock job, and also have two bathrooms to start next week, a plywood floor to replace, a front door to install, a different front door to refinish, and a glass door to install. I drove around all day looking at more jobs, and have one to look at tomorrow and three on Monday. It looks like a busy spring and summer are upon us. Good news!

    The photo above and to the right shows the finished shower bed, awaiting sealer (tomorrow) and tile (Monday).
    Day five had come and gone, and everything so far is looking good. It doesn't seem as if much has been accomplished, but as in any construction, the foundation is the most important part. Next week, from day-to-day, you'll see the shower actually start to come together. The first week is drudgery. Next week is the fun part. We hope you pay us a visit.

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